Whirlybirds Toowoomba

Looking for an easy and affordable way to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the year? Whirlybirds are a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to cool your home and a great way to reduce air-conditioning usage, even if you use solar energy at home. Toowoomba’s trusted roofing experts, Garden City Roofing, supplies and installs whirlybirds in a full range of colours. Call us today to learn more and get a free quote  — 0439 725 265.

Whirlybirds Do More Than Keep Your Home Cool

Along with keeping homes cool and comfortable, whirlybirds also improve airflow and ventilation, reduce heat in the roof space and minimise internal moisture by removing damp air. That keeps the air moving throughout your home and helps to prevent mould and mildew which can cause or aggravate respiratory conditions.

Installing a whirlybird also helps to prevent dry rot and damp insulation (which makes it ineffective), both of which are common problems in homes without proper ventilation.

Available in a Full Range of Colours

To ensure homeowners can enjoy the many benefits that whirlybirds deliver without having to sacrifice their roof aesthetics, our high-quality whirlybirds are available in a full range of colours to suit all roofs. Whirlybirds are suitable for both metal and tile roofs so they suit traditional style homes, like old Queenslanders, as well as modern homes.

Whether you’re thinking of installing a whirlybird as part of a roof renovation project or on its own, we have the materials, skills and experience to get the job done right and at a competitive price. For an obligation-free quote, call Garden City Roofing — 0439 725 265.

Effective, efficient home cooling

Whirlybirds are one of the most effective ways to keep your home cool without spending a cent. Whirlybirds work by allowing hot air and moisture that is already trapped within your roof to escape safely, which reduces the atmospheric temperature inside your home and prevents the buildup of stale air and condensation. Not only do whirlybirds reduce your need for expensive air conditioning, but they also improve the air quality inside your home. If you’re looking for a way to make your home more comfortable throughout the summer without increasing your energy bills, installing whirlybirds in your roof is a fantastic idea.

At Garden City Roofing, we can install whirlybirds in your roof at a competitive price and help you keep your energy bills down for years. To find out more about our whirlybird installation services, call us today on 0439 725 265.

Whirlybird FAQ

Want to know more about whirlybirds? Read our most frequently asked questions below or call us to ask your own.

Can whirlybirds leak?

When improperly installed, whirlybirds can leak and allow more moisture into your home. But a skilled professional, like our roofers at Garden City Roofing, should know how to install a whirlybird so that it doesn’t leak at all. It’s important to hire only trusted, experienced roofers to install whirlybirds to prevent the risk of leaks and ensure that your home is not damaged during the installation process.

How many whirlybirds do I need?

It’s recommended to install one whirlybird per 90m2 of roof space to maintain optimum air quality within your home. This means that, for example, in a house of around 150m2, you may want to have two whirlybirds installed across your roof. Before we install your whirlybirds, we can measure your roof for you and discuss our plan of how and where we will install your whirlybirds for optimum efficiency.

Where should whirlybirds be installed?

Most of the time, it’s best to install whirlybirds at the top of a roof along the highest ridgeline. From this point, whirlybirds can work efficiently because hot air rises naturally to the highest point in the roof. However, it’s important that customers understand that whirlybirds can be installed anywhere on a roof, and if there is a particular area of your home where moisture frequently builds up, you may prefer to have a whirlybird installed in this area instead.